Switch Super Fund

Ever heard of the divesting movement ? If you haven’t divested yet, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to use your financial power for good. The potential to use the $2 trillion Australians collectively have in their super funds for greater good is huge. As of October 2016, a total of 27 Australian councils had already divested over 6 trillion dollars.

As Bill McKibben – environmental activist and founder of 350.org puts it, “If it’s wrong to wreck the planet, then it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage.”

You might unknowingly supporting and encouraging animal cruelty, gambling, armaments, tobacco, unethical work conditions, and everything else that goes with climate change – like fossil fuel energy. I am certain you would not agree to encourage or participate in such activities – especially if there was no difference for your return on investments than if you were supporting ethical funds. So… what are you waiting for ? ;-)

  • Choose an ethical super fund, such as Future Super or Australian Ethical.
  • Make the switch is SUPER easy as your new fund will take care of getting all your money back into your new fund.
  • Notify your employer of your new super fund, which is again made super easy via your new super fund.
  • Think about switching bank too, so your savings also work for good. In Australia, Bendigo is the only fossil fuel free bank.

Check out my personal research here for more information on Australian ethical funds.

Learn more about divesting at http://350.org and http://gofossilfree.org/

Featured image by Tim Evans