Switch to a better power company

This year AGL became the worst carbon polluter in all of Australia through their continued investment in dirty coal and gas energy. EnergyAustralia, Simply Energy and Origin have taken out 2nd, 3rd and 5th place respectively*. These companies are Australia’s worst offenders when it comes to pollution and consequently the health of Australians. If you are still with one of them, you might want to consider switching to a carbon neutral, renewable energy dedicated company, such as Powershop.

Why Powershop only?

I wish there was more power companies in Australia than Powershop to choose from but unfortunately Powershop is the only genuine and decent one out there:

  • It has ranked Australia’s greenest power company by Greenpeace for two years running and is backed by Meridian Energy, Australasia’s largest 100% renewable generator from wind farms in Victoria and South Australia.
  • It is also the only carbon neutral power company in Australia and it has its importance. Indeed, no matter which energy retailer you buy your electricity from, it all comes from the same central pool because all energy retailers in Australia buy their electricity from the National Electricity Market. So switching to a carbon neutral power company ensure you are reducing your carbon footprint no matter what.
  • It gives you the ability to buy accredited GreenPower. By purchasing GreenPower energy packs you support Australia’s renewable energy sector by displacing your electricity usage with GreenPower accredited renewable energy certificates (RECs). Quoting Powershop: “Australia has a strong reliance on fossil fuels. By purchasing GreenPower you’re minimising your impact on the environment and it means additional RECs are surrendered over and above the compulsory requirements set by the Renewable Energy Target. This clearly demonstrates that there’s a demand for renewables leading to continued growth, investment and promotion of the renewable energy sector.”
  • Fortunately Powershop has equal or cheaper rates than its evil competitors and has awesome customer service… I have been with them for a year now and I am 100% satisfied. I do feel like I have power over my power and I know what I am supporting with my money. As a bonus, they are really customer centric and their mobile app makes it easy and transparent to monitor your consumption or buy the power packs of your choice.

And the good news is, if you switch via GetUp! better power campaign, you will have $75 credit to use towards your future energy consumption:)

So why not use your power as a consumer to drive the switch to renewables by switching to an energy company that does care about you and the planet?

Learn more about Australia’s energy companies dirty secrets on GetUp! website

Learn more about Powershop on their website

Switch to Powershop via GetUp! better power campaign and get $75 credit

1. Australian Conservation Foundation – Big Polluters Report 2016
2. AGL Energy Report, Credit Suisse – 19th March 2015
3. Australia’s retail electricity markets: who is serving whom?- report by Bruce Mountain 15th August 2016


Featured image by Anthony Indraus