The Oatmeal writes the best review of Tesla Model S ever, Asks Elon Musk to help build Tesla Museum

I am a huge fan of The Oatmeal. And huge fan of Nikola Tesla. And a huge fan of Tesla Motors. So when I read Matthew Inman new comic reviewing his newly acquired Model S – aka Magical Space Car  aka Intergalactic Spaceboat of Light and wonder aka Electric cruise beast – I had a blast. Then I read the part 2 – Man VS Motors, and this one literally elevated Mathew Inman at the rank of Genius Philanthropic Super Star.

If you remember the whole thing about saving Tesla’s laboratory and transforming it into a museum (if you don’t have a look there – and there ) – you probably know that the funds collected were enough to save it it – but not enough to actually build and maintain a museum.

So The Oatmeal, never running out of genius ideas to get people’s attention on his beloved Tesla Museum, decided to write the best review ever made of Tesla Model S, and then pointed out why Elon Musk (the rich) mind – behind Tesla, SpaceX, and also Solar City should help fund the Telsa Museum. Which much valid arguments, and a letter from William Terbo (last relative of Nikola Tesla) to back up his request. Because yes – Tesla Motors worth billions and is using Tesla name and technology for nothing, so that would be a very very cool move from them to fund the museum.

So what now ? Get the word out and let Tesla Motors or Elon Musk know that you too support this idea!!

Please visit the Oatmeal and read part 2 – Man VS Motors to get the full story!


Mr Elon said he would be happy help! Good Job The Oatmeal! Let see how much he is going to invest though..



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