Natural Cleaning with Vinegar and Lemon

If life gives you lemons – then maybe it’s time to spring clean the kitchen?! Ok, well, you could use the first few slices in a gin and tonic, but when you’re nice and relaxed, why not get to scrubbing? With these natural cleansers, you can feel good  – not only about the sparkling space you now live in – but about how resourceful and kind to the environment you are! And yes, that does call for a celebratory drink!

If you’ve read our article on the brilliance of baking soda, then you’re probably ready to embrace the amazing arsenal of natural cleaning products for your home. And the next two power players on our list? Vinegar and Lemon. Seriously, with these three ingredients you can save tons of money, reduce the number of cleaning products sitting under the sink, and feel good about connecting with generations of people who turned to nature for help with everyday tasks. Because seriously, who wants their cleaning products to be as dirty as the things they clean?

Believe it or not, vinegar is essentially an all-purpose cleaner. And because the smell disappears when it dries, there won’t be any vinegary scent remaining. All you need to do is mix a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water, pour it into a spritz bottle and off you go! Use in the kitchen, bathroom (it’s perfect for soap scum and hard water stains), even on floors. Not only will it shift dirt, but it’s a natural disinfectant and deodorizer too. For tough spots, like inside the toilet – go ahead and pour in undiluted vinegar before scrubbing down the bowl.

Lemon is just as good as an all-round cleaner, with the added bonus of a fresh, citrus-y scent. You can use it diluted in water, or mixed with vinegar and baking soda for a surprisingly effective scrubbing paste. Lemon is a natural bleach, so is perfect for stains (test out a hidden spot first) and for polishing brass and copper. To get rid of garlic, onion and other strong smells on cutting boards, rub with the cut side of a half-lemon, which will make everything smell great and kill bacteria!


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