Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training is coming to Australia

Join the Social Revolution for Climate Change action! Al Gore’s organization Climate Reality Project has chosen Australia as host for the training to address the significant climate impacts, already being felt in such areas as public health, emergency response, and disaster relief in Australia and the larger Asia Pacific region. And you have less than 10 days left to submit your application!!!

The Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training will take place in Melbourne on June 25, 26, 27 – is completely free (you must only pay for your own transport to get there and accommodation) and will accept applications until May 23.

If you live in Australia and are interested in becoming a climate change leader, you must not miss this unique opportunity – the organization is delivering only 2 trainings every year at different places around the world, and the next one will probably be far far away from your home country…so what are you waiting for ?

Maybe a bit more inspiration from Climate Leader Diwakar Reddy:


Climate Reality Leadership training are giving people the chance ”to influence communities, businesses, and governments to account for the cost of climate impacts and the benefit of implementing solutions in their decision-making.” This training is your opportunity to put your skills to use and join a global network of leaders committed to solving the climate crisis.

The application itself only takes a few minutes to half an hour depending on how inspired you are for the following sections: ”ENVISIONING YOURSELF AS A CLIMATE REALITY LEADER” where you’ll be asked a few questions on how you would put your best skill to use, then why you wish to join the Climate Reality Leadership Corps and what is your proudest achievements in the past 12 months when influencing change around you. You must join a resume and answer a few other questions, but nothing tricky don’t be impressed!

If you are selected to join the training, you’ll meet experts and seasoned Climate Reality Leaders. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from them and be able to communicate efficiently about climate change around you. This amazing opportunity comes with your commitment to organize ten ”Acts of Leaderships” that you’ll have to complete within a year of completing the training with the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. Like giving a presentation, writing a blog, writing a letter to the editor, organizing a film screening, organizing a climate change-related campaign, meeting with government leaders, and organizing a day of action.Sounds like something you’d love to do ?


Know more about the training and apply at :

Climate Reality Project main website:


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