Favour social entreprises

For those who don’t live off the grid with a farmer-hunter-gatherer lifestyle, some shopping remains necessary. Shopping can be a nightmare for eco-ethical conscious peeps, but nowadays it becomes easier to make conscious choices with our money power. We have the power as a consumer to change the world for the better by choosing social entreprises and genuine ethical organisations.

Ethical shopping guides like Good on You comes with a handy app to be used on the go, down the aisle. In Australia, we are blessed with a few social entreprises that produce great products uniquely made for impact. Here are a few of them below, check out their website to know where to find their products or order online.

Consumer products:

ThankYou : water, food, body care and baby products. 100% (yes, that’s right) of profits are donated to solve water, food, and hygiene crisis in the developing world. Since 100% of profits go towards alleviating poverty, getting funds for growth is a challenge for ThankYou but their team found a clever a way to fund the future of the company. Founder Daniel Flynn shared their struggle to get where they are today in a book titled “ChapterOne“, which is probably the best inspirational book you’ll ever read in your life. Their motto is “You have the power to change stuff” and it’s not a marketing lie, these guys truly live by that quote, they proved we can use capitalism mechanisms for good.

Who Gives a Crap : toilet paper that builds toilets. These guys donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world. Bonus: get your toilet paper delivered to your door :)


The bread & butter project: The Bread & Butter Project is an artisan bakery delivering handmade bread to the food lovers of Sydney. They are Australia’s first social enterprise bakery and 100% of their profits are reinvested into baker training and employment pathways for refugees and asylum seekers. How good is that??? Nearly not as good as their bread -the best bread you’ll find in town.


The Good Beer Co: want to feel good about your booze? Check out “The Great Barrier Beer”, a beer brewed at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef in Bundaberg by Bargara Brewing Company. According to their website “The Queensland craft brewers owners and brewers are committed to using the best ingredients to produce the best beers, and take an environmentally friendly approach to brewing”. AND at least 50% of their profits will be donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

And favour organic food cooperatives for your groceries such as:

Alfalfa house: located in Enmore, Sydney, this cooperative just celebrated its 35th anniversary and is the only shop that offers fresh organic fruits and veggies, organic bulk foods, minimal packaging, low prices and a deep sense of community. And if you volunteer there 2 hours a week, you get 25% off your groceries!


Photo by Tim Marshall