Everything Wrong With Humanity, In One Brilliant Short Animation

This brilliant short animation called ”Man” is illustrating Man’s behaviour and its consequences, from the way we consider and treat animals to how we trash our  environment. I especially love the eye opening ending that explains a lot about how we got everything wrong. We, humans, are so self-centered that it does not even occur to (most of ) us that our life equally worth a fly’s life – a fly we often kill and discard as a simple nuisance. We are pretty lucky to be ”no ones fly” yet – and by ”we” I mean human beings whose lives are not threatened for being born at the wrong place at a the wrong moment.

If the only way to value one’s life would be to mesure how much one holds on to its life, then every single creature on earth- human, animal and vegetal – would be respected as equal. In a world where humans don’t even respect each other, I find it hard to believe that one day we’ll all give non-humans the same treatment we reserve for ourselves. But as we say in my native country ”L’espoir fait vivre”! – ”We gotta have hope” and keep trying our best to make this world a better place, one Man at a time, starting from ourself! This video is 2 years old and already got more than 10 millions views, if you missed it it’s not too late watch it now!

”Man” by Steve Cutts (2012)

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