Ditch the soap (or almost)

Unfortunately, marketers had us to think we should lather our whole body with detergent every single day to smell good and be socially acceptable. Thankfully, we did not evolve in a species that needs detergent to stay clean and we don’t need to waste huge amounts of clean water everyday to stay clean either

The vicious circle of washing / moisturizing is insane. We scrap our skin from its natural lubricant only to replace it afterwards. Even if you choose your soap and moisturizer wisely, they still come in bottles that requires water and energy to be made and generate a carbon footprint.

What you can do:

Get out of our comfort zone and…

  • Skip the full body shower if you don’t need it: only wash your face, armpits and groins using as little water as possible and have a full shower every 2 days or more. (I bet your torso and thighs don’t need a daily wash!!!)
  • Use as little soap as necessary when showering.


  • save money, the environment and your skin by using the tiniest amount of soap possible and give yourself a good scrub instead: it will activate your blood flow and get rid of dead cells  for a healthier skin.
  • you will notice that you don’t need moisturizer anymore or in tiny tiny quantity for those dry leg days.
  • this is valid even if you do a lot of sport, water by itself does a good job at removing dirt / sweat, truly.
  • I promise you won’t smell bad you will just smell nothing. (Nothing is so much better than artificial perfumes!)


  • get a good bamboo mitt to scrub yourself, it feels so good and remove the need for soap if you are really really dirty (like my calves smeared in grime after a cycling ride!)
  • use chickpea flour as soap, it contains saponins that acts like soap (the word “soap” comes from “saponins”)
  • feel what you need: some people develop more odors than others, some days are dirtier than other.
  • break the shower routine: try to keep soap for smelly areas such as groin, feet and armpits but be mindful of yourself and you will notice in some cases this is not even needed!
  • change clothe regularly as they are the ones getting real dirty by absorbing your sweat and capturing your dead cells.

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Featured image by Seth Doyle