My name is Erika and I am the human behind this site. The 4th Monkey is my way of dealing with this deep and maddening sense of urgency that holds on to me. I share things here that I can’t keep for myself!

I would like The 4th Monkey to inspire decency. Foster compassion. Provide humane education. Promote social & environmental justice. I want it to help us doing our best at being human. I am not too sure how to shape the4thMonkey to do just that yet… Maybe you can help ? ;-)

So for now, I am putting together simple guides to reduce your carbon footprint, stay healthy and have a compassionate lifestyle. These are only things I experienced to be beneficial for myself and that could be beneficial for others too.

I might ramble about things that matters on the blog. Eco life-hack experiments, stuff I find interesting, yummy vegan recipes and everything that I think are worthy to pass on to my friends and the world.

I also suggest reputable organizations to volunteer with and learn from.

These are the baby steps of the4thMonkey, follow them if you feel like going down the same path :-)