One girl one cup

Picture that: as a woman, we are most likely to experience periods for 40 years in our lifetime. Every moon, the average woman uses around 20 pads or tampons.  This equates to approximately 9,600 disposable feminine hygiene products over a lifetime.*  Multiply that by a 3.5 million women and you get something INSANE!

As usual, the good news is that we don’t have to use disposable hygienic items, and actually we should not too either because most of them especially tampons can be lethal (think about Toxic Shock Syndrome) and paradoxically quite un-hygienic. They also comes with a bunch of chemicals you really don’t want anywhere near your body let alone your insides.

There are a few solutions out there depending on how you feel most comfortable with, here’s a few examples:

  • Menstrual cups: you can’t feel them, can’t smell them, last for years if not for ever, are highly hygienic (do not foster bacterial infection like pads or tampons) and are just plain awesome if you want to completely forget about your periods. Trying it is adopting it, unless: you get the wrong size / have blood phobia / are overwhelmed by the insertion and removal process involving putting your fingers into your own vagina (if that’s the case it is maybe time for some therapy :p).  There are plenty of manufacturers these days you just need to pick the one you like best. I personally own a Diva Cup and I love it. Menstrual cups are also the most economic and hygienic option for your period.
  • Reusable pads: reusable pads are a good options if you can’t or don’t want to have foreign objects inside of your vagina. You can find some nice ones on Etsy for instance or DIY.
  • Period proof underwear: companies like THINX or ModiBodi manufacture underwear meant to act as both underwear and pad at the same time, though they have mixed reviews from women who tried them. Like any external period protection, it won’t make you forget your period and will likely smell.


*Statistics for average tampon/pad usage from the Diva Cup website:


Featured image by myself