Shampoo + Conditioner

Ditch the chemicals and packaging that comes altogether with store bought shampoos! Instead, get rye flour in bulk in your favourite bulk shop, fetch some apple cider vinegar from your kitchen cupboard and you’ll have the best shampoo + conditioner routine you’ve ever had.


  • reduce your waste by saying no to packaged products.
  • no chemicals poured down the drain and polluting our oceans.
  • improve hair growth and scalp health with the rye flour and ACV rinse.
  • harbour a beautiful natural mane and feel super good about it!

How to:

  1. Sift 4-5 tablespoon of rye flour. Tip: keep the discarded bits to put into your home made bread. I simply add the rye husks to whatever flour that I use for cooking at home.
  2. Add some water to the sifted flour and mix until you’ve reached a consistency similar to chemical shampoo, slightly more on the liquid side.
  3. Apply to wet scalp evenly and massage thoroughly. It won’t foam but glide easily through your hair.
  4. Leave for a couple of minute if you wish to leave your mane absorb rye nutrients
  5. Rinse thoroughly.
  6. Pour your ACV rinse over your head making sure your whole mane is getting some ACV love. Re-use an old shampoo or conditioner bottle to apply the water/ACV mix, it makes things easier!
  7. Leave for a minute or two while you’re doing something else, and rinse thoroughly.

Good to know:

  • Rye flour has a similar pH than your scalp and mane and contains pantothenic acid, which is why it makes your hair so shiny and beautiful.
  • Apple cider vinegar has a lower pH than your scalp and hair and will close your hair for easy untangling and shiny finish. It also prevents bacteria to settle on your scalp, keeping it healthy.
  • You will notice overtime that you can stay longer and longer in between “shampoos”, as your scalp find its natural balance again. Shampoos that foams may provide a very clean feeling but in reality they strip out your hair and scalp natural oils, pushing you to overproduce sebum.
More info in my personal no-poo experiment here

Featured image by Tamara Bellis

Rye Shampoo

  • Organic rye flour, 4 tablespoon, sifted
  • Water, up to desired consistency

ACV Conditioner

  • Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 teaspoon
  • Water, 1 cup