Natural all purpose cleaner

Clean literally everything that needs to be cleaned in your home with white cleaning vinegar.


  • cleaning vinegar comes in 5 liters bottles and you will dilute it depending on what you clean. That means less packaging. and you can re-use the bottle or recycle it when empty.
  • it is strong disinfectant safe to use on any hard surface and most fabrics.

How to:

  • Put half cleaning vinegar half water mix in a spray bottle (re-use an old one if possible).
  • Spray on kitchen benches and sink, tables, your whole toilet seat and bowls, shower and sinks, etc.
  • Leave on for a few minutes and scrub where necessary
  • Wipe clean – no need to rinse.


  • add baking soda in your toilet bowl for extra scrubbing action.

Good to know:

  • The vinegar smell will disappear when it dries off.


Featured image by Dan Watson